Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The North Region Makes it Happen Together

The North region libraries (Andrew Bayne, Avalon, Hampton, Lauri Ann West, Northern Tier, Northland, Sewickley and Shaler) have gotten together this year to plan a regional kickoff. They'll all (with the exception of Northern Tier) be represented at Ross Park Mall sometime in June with handouts, a laptop for library card registration, balloons, crafts, storytelling and more! The libraries have also gotten together to offer raffles with prizes, parade puppets, a strolling magician, and a clown!

Another cool element that they've created, is a map of the region with a sticker-symbol for each library so families can visit each library's station and get a star for that library on their map.

What a great way to colloborate! Maybe the other regions can look at options like this!


dolores said...

What an awesome idea and collaboration by the north!Great way to promote summer reading for all of you!