Sunday, May 31, 2009

gimme a WAVE!

All the tech news outlets have been abuzz (and atwitter!) this week following the announcement of Wave, Google's next-generation "communication platform." To call Wave email would be an understatement - it combines email, chat, web2.0, wiki, and multimedia sharing capabilities into one "wave" with seamless integration. It's not up and running yet, just in a demo phase, but the possibilities are very exciting.

Another great aspect of Wave is that google is making the whole thing open source! The team behind Wave (who were also responsible for a little app you might be familiar with called Google Maps) stated that they want other developers to be able to create services and add-ons for Wave, even if they compete with Google! How impressive is that?

To learn more, you can watch a (very lengthy) video prepared by google, and sign up for an alert when wave is ready to go. If you don't have the patience for the video, here's a great article from techcrunch that outlines the main features. The whole thing is a bit difficult to understand without actually seeing it work, but stay posted for further updates and demostrations as they appear.