Sunday, April 5, 2009

VoiceThread - Another Great 2.0 Tool

For my work at Carnegie Mellon's Engineering & Science Library, I've had the opportunity to use a great web 2.0 tool - VoiceThread. I love it so much that Kelley and I are planning to create some tutorials for ACLA using VT as well. VT allows you to create slide-show style "conversations" around pictures, movies, documents, basically anything you can think to upload. It allows for innovative, hyper-interactive commenting (using your computer's microphone, the telephone, or just your keyboard and mouse) which makes VTs worlds more sophisticated than your average PowerPoint presentation.

In 2009 it was included in PCMag's "Best of the Internet" list, and has received rave reviews from the news media as well as in tech journals and educational publications.

Creating a VT is easy: you just upload your documents, make any comments you would like, and choose how you would like to publish. VTs can be public or private, allow comments (with or without moderation) or not, embedded on your own site or hosted on There are tons of public VTs available for viewing and commenting on the site - including many from libraries!

If you're looking for an easy, innovative way to share content (personally or for your library), visit, check out some public VTs, and sign up for a free account!