Monday, April 13, 2009

Summer Reading Programming Somewhere in the County

A library that shall remain nameless has an incredible lineup for their SRC. Take a look and be inspired!
  • Extreme Desk Makeover (making rubber band balls and magnetic poetry, decorating pens and pencils with glitter and paper, fashioning stuff out of duct tape)
  • Teen Text Messaging Challenge (middle and high schoolers will compete in text messaging contests that judge speed, accuracy and creativity)
  • Robots @ the Library (this is in the works; if everything goes as planned, then some cool artificial intelligence will be on hand to share with the elementary school kids)
  • Bento Box Luncheon (teens will learn how to make their own healthy bento box lunches and make anime-inspired designs like Picachu ham sandwiches)
  • Imagine Poetry Workshop (analyzing John Lennon's song "Imagine" and brainstorming ways to make the world a place for peace, love and happiness)
  • Moquette Volante (Middle Eastern dancers put on a show for all ages)
  • Folksinger Adam Miller (self-explanatory)
  • Warhol-o-rama (a guest speaker talks about the life and works of Andy Warhol; adult program with high teen appeal)
  • Storytime Rocks! (a half-hour program for kids that will employ remakes of pop songs like YMCA and Who Let The Dogs Out. Dance party!)
  • Kamishibai Theater (this is a form of Japanese storytelling that uses big cards with pictures, rather than a book. There is a workshop in May (@ Northland) to learn how to make the kamishibai theater stages)


adaena said...

wow, this librarian must have a lot of help and surely wouldn't be juggling the job of two full-time workers. :-]