Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spots to promote Summer Reading 2009

This year, the SRC 2009 Planning Team and I decided to get a little edgy with our TV spots to promote the summer reading club. We worked with puppeteer Cheryl Capezzuti and her 12 foot bunny puppets (and her very energetic team of bunny puppeteers) to show kids and families how FUN the library can be. So fun in fact, that even bunny puppets want to get in on it!

So on a dark, cold Friday night in January, the Sewickley Public Library generously opened their doors (and departments with high ceilings) to a gang of crazy librarians and a handful of 12 foot bunnies and allowed us to film the bunnies playing at the library after hours. We had a ball filming and I think the library now has a few goofy 12-foot bunny fans!

We had the benefit of working with the CW and KDKA to make these promo spots happen. Thanks to our very willing and flexible cameraman, Jesse, for getting some silly and sweet shots of the bunnies enjoying the library. The 2 spots (one 15 seconds and one 30 seconds) will air on:
  • KDKA Morning News 7-8 AM ( 3 times on each date: May 12, 18, 25, June 1 and 8)
  • People’s Court 12-1 PM (same dates)
  • Judge Mathis 5-6 PM (same dates)
  • 10 PM News 10010:35 (same dates)
  • Monday-Sunday 6 AM-2 AM (random times; 4 times on each of the above dates)

ACLA Bunnies II from ACLA on Vimeo.

Additionally, we have permission to share and use these spots however we want! They're on a great video sharing site called Vimeo and you can nab the code and embed the videos on your library's website, blog or wherever! So we're encouraging you to use them to help promote your summer reading club in whatever ways you'd like!

As many of you know, Cheryl's also one of our ACLA-Sponsored Program offers this year. She does a great interactive puppet show and the puppets themselves are available for appearances or a performance! Contact Cheryl if you'd like to have these puppets at your library! Enjoy the videos!


Jessica Hoptay said...

I think these promo spots are adorable (Rabbits for Dummies--great)! Hopefully they'll get a smile and a chuckle and remind people of what amazing, fun, FREE activities and resources we have at libraries!
--Jess Hoptay