Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Read Kiddo Read

I might be behind the times, but I just discovered author James Patterson's web page ReadKiddoRead. It's brilliant! He's divided reading recommendations into easy age groups:
And then each group is further sub-divided again. It got me thinking about space. Library space. And how we arrange and organize our physical collections of books. Parents come in and don't really know which way to turn to find a book that meets their child's needs. Since we're all experiencing staffing shortages and reductions in hours, we want to empower our families to feel comfortable in finding books on their own, perhaps without our help. I know Upper St. Clair breaks out a huge portion of their collection and finds it works very well for their community. You might not be ready to ditch Dewey, but it might be time to consider a massive overhaul of how you arrange your library's books.