Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Green Practices" and Children

In addition to the fact that it's nearly Earth Day, I recently came across an article in the City Paper recently about this year's Farm to Table conference here in Pittsburgh, and it got me thinking about how we educate children to care about the environment and sustainability. The conference organizers made it a priority to get educators involved, in hopes that they would take what they learned back to the classroom and pass these green values on to their students. Here at ACLA, the 2009 Summer Reading Committee decided to focus on "greening" this year's SRC by giving out canvas bags rather than plastic.

What do you it important to instill these values in children to make them more conscious of the environment from an early age?

Here's a book list on Amazon of Eco-conscious books for kids and teens. It includes older classics such as The Lorax as well as newer titles. Check it out!