Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something Fishy Is Going On...

This is Adaena again and I'm here to share another tried and true program. Last night, I held a Candy Sushi Workshop for kiddos in grades K-5. My inspiration was this About.com "How To Make Candy Sushi" tutorial. I cut and pasted the recipe and step by step instructions into a Word Document, then pulled images and vocabulary words from a great sushi site to make a sort of Ultimate Guide to Sushi. If anyone would like the template, I'd be happy to send it over.

When the kids first arrived, we examined the different types of sushi, using the handout as a guide, and talked about where it comes from (Japan) and what it is (note that sushi doesn't always mean raw fish or fish eggs).

I also bought a fun sushi play set from Think Geek. The kids were invited to pretend sip from the little tea cup, test out their chopstick skills and identify the various kinds of seafood using the handouts I gave them.

Next, we moved onto the main event: making candy sushi. I had tables set up in groups, with five children and their parents working at each table. Grouping participants together works best in terms of supplies, unless you happen to have dozens of spatulas and bowls at your library! I parcelled out the candy supplies (including the gummy worms, Swedish fish and Fruit Roll Ups) to ensure that each table got their share. The rest of the ingredients (like the marshmallows, butter and rice cereal), I allowed the children, with help from their parents, to measure and pour.

The kids had so much fun sticking their fingers in the gooey rice krispy mix and eating all that candy. You should see some of the great stuff they came up with:


Kelley B said...

this rocks! was everyone on a major sugar high at the end? kiddos bouncing off the walls? : ) how fun!!

emilyspaint said...

I might have to do this during summer reading!

adaena said...

The kids were bouncing off the walls at the BEGINNING of the program :-)

Souprmdl said...

Hi there! I would like to have the template for your sushi picture guide if you are still willing to share. My email address is souprmdl@gmail.com.

Thanks so much!