Monday, April 20, 2009

Breaking the Rules

We all know how much I love breaking the rules. One of my lessons in life is learning more about the process of breaking the rules. I don't always approach rule-breaking with the wisest of methods.

Now I may have shared this before, but it's so good that it's worth sharing again. I recently posted some thoughts about ditching-Dewey. I even got a phone call from my (retired-librarian) father who wondered how in the heck is that possible and why would a library do it in the first place? I was excited to talk about my thoughts with my pap who's brilliant at bouncing ideas off of. And I realized how passionate I was about the whole thing and it just so happens that I've been invited to take part in some uber-exciting renovations happening in the county down at the Carnegie Library of Homestead. And watch out, Allegheny County, CLoH is going to arrive in some surprising and thought-provoking ways!

So, it's been an interesting intersection. And here is a Voice Thread guide (just press play!) to what Darien County's children's librarians did with their new library in January '09. Talk about breaking rules. They managed to arrange their children's library in a fascinating way that combines the best of Dewey with the idea that parents need more help finding books for their little ones who aren't yet reading on their own (or just starting to.) So take 4 minutes and listen to what they did. It's VERY cool.