Monday, March 2, 2009

Thoughts on Shopping at Scholastic

So, Friday was our big shopping day at the Scholastic Warehouse in Munhall. I got a shocking surprise when I learned (the night before) that we were not in fact getting the usual 50% discount and instead it would be 25%. That spells trouble! Arrangements were already made so this year, we went ahead and shopped at Scholastic. However, knowing that we may not ever get our 50% back, I'd like to gather ideas on where else we could shop for SRC incentives/prizes. I got a great email from Judy Sutton from Mt. Lebanon and wanted to share it.

We have been going to the Scholastic Book Sales for about 7 or 8 years to purchase paperback books to use as prizes for the children who complete the SRC. I always felt that it was worth the time involved because of the 50% discount. However, I was very surprised to learn this morning that we were only receiving a 25% discount! Granted, it was very nice to receive $200 off the purchase, but I could have gotten a 35% discount from BWI - and we don’t pay postage. I wish that I had known about the diminished discount prior to our trip this morning. Were you aware of this or did they just spring it on you as well? For 25% off the large number of books that we purchase, I don’t think that it is worth the trip. Does Scholastic contribute the $200 for each library or is that from ACLA’s budget or another source? Would it be possible, after this, to give each library the $200 to use as they see fit for SRC books?

To answer Judy's questions:
  • Scholastic doesn't contribute any money to our shopping trip - just the private appointment time and 25% discount on their items
  • ACLA uses part of the SRC money to fund this shopping trip
Please provide some feedback about your opinion and ideas!


Colleen Miles said...

To add to Judy's comments: would it be possible for ACLA to give the $200 for SRC prizes in the form of a gift card, say to Wal-Mart or Toys R Us? I know this would not be ideal for libraries that tend to give out paperback books as prizes, but it is just a thought. (And could be better for libraries to use the money as they see fit).
--Colleen Miles, Upper St. Clair Twp Library

Jane said...

I agree. 25% off is no great discount. What I would really prefer is $200 to spend at Oriental Trading for my small weekly giveaways!
--Jane Miller, Moon Twp. Public Library

Andrea McNeill said...

I like Jane's idea about oriental trading post. I think we could all get more bang for the buck.

Andrea @ C.C. Mellor Memorial Library

dolores said...

I think perhaps what is happening is that everyone's budgets are pretty tight these days and we're probably all trying to get the most out of the $200. I guess it's hard to recommend places if we don't know what the state will allow us to do. If it's one central location that we are permitted to spend the money in, I like the idea of gift cards...or, would Scholastic permit us to go in May during their 50% off sale (perhaps open their doors earlier so that it wouldn't be too insane with the other shoppers)? Oriental Trading is also a good place for the weekly giveaway items that a lot of us get every year. However it turns out, thank you for the $200!!
--Dolores Colarosa, Brentwood Library