Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Mover and a Shaker - Ing Kalchthaler

So our own Ing Kalchthaler is one of this year's Movers and Shakers of Library Journal. If any of you (and frankly, I bet everyone knows Ing somehow!) has had any experience working with Ing, you know she's one in a million! A vibrant, hilarious, generous soul with a library-shaped heart. I've known Ing since my MLIS days at Pitt when I interned at Sewickley Public Library and for the first time in my professional career, someone called me and left a 'welcome to the job' voice mail. I worked on a number of programs alongside Ing and was drawn into her passion, exuberance and love for all things library! Since then Ing has served on a number of committees and task forces for ACLA and presented at trainings, workshops and conferences. She's often the first person to step up to help out when an able body and a creative mind are needed.

And at Bethel and now at Shaler, she's been the energy behind a number of very creative and unique programs. Take a moment to read her article on Library Journal. Congratulations, Ing!


snh said...

I too remember being right out of library school and getting the reference job here at Shaler. I got a card in the mail from Ing--didn't know her at all--welcoming me to Shaler and inviting me to their annual cookie exchange before my start date. She introduced me to everyone and by my first official day, I knew the staff. I have never forgotten that. She inspires me everyday. Sharon at Shaler.