Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keep in Mind Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

When I first heard about Jordan Sonnenblick, my heart was overjoyed to read about a teacher who truly took a step above and beyond to create a RESOURCE for one of his students. When he could not find a good book to help his student deal with a sibling’s struggle with cancer, he decided to write one himself, Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie. This book is becoming widely known and has been winning state awards. It has also recently inspired a fund raiser, for a group that supports the siblings and families of cancer patients, in a Chicago middle school. You may be able to tie this book into your “Won’t You Be My Neighbor," themes or keep it in mind for April, because April is Cancer Control Month.

Here is a link to help you book talk this book.

Don’t forget to check out other books by Sonnenblick as well!