Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bath and Body Works...at the Library?!?

I recently hosted a wildly successful "Mother Daughter Soapmaking Workshop" at Green Tree Public Library and wanted to share the idea with all of you in Libraryland. The idea first came to me last summer when I ordered a bunch of stuff for a Teen DIY Home Spa Day program. As I was searching the Mountain Majestic Sage website for supplies, I came across a super easy melt 'n pour recipe for making soap. Convinced the teens would love making glittery hearts, I bought the soapmaking stuff for the program. As it turns out, I forgot the main ingredient--glycerin. Ooops. Luckily I had TONS of other things on the lineup, like facials and making lip balm. They had a blast; I don't think they missed the soap one bit.

I finally did get around to purchasing that gylerin and recently held a Mother Daughter Soapmaking Workshop for second through fifth grade girls and their favorite female adult. At first, I was going to have it be girls-only, but my better judgement told me that a bunch of giddy gals and scalding hot soap might spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. So, I decided to include the moms to provide both supervision and family bonding.

We had 24 people registered, with 17 actually in attendance (isn't that the way it always happens?). I highly recommend requiring participants to sign up so there's no doubt about how many supplies to purchase. Besides the glittery heart soaps, I also set out stuff to make bath salts (1/2 cup epsom salt + 1/2 cup kosher salt + essential oil + food coloring) and body glitter (aloe vera gel + fine glitter + food coloring). This way, the girls could rotate between stations while their soap was cooling in the office freezer.

I bought fancy, albeit cheap jars from the above mentioned MMS site. The girls got to jazz up the containers at our "decoration station," which was outfitted with cellophane paper, bags, stickers, markers, ribbons and paper (for making gift tags). This really allowed them to add their personal stamp to their projects.

I believe we spent about $100 on this program. We were able to use a lot of the things we had around the library, which helped cut back costs. Normally our library does not charge for programs; however, for this one, each mother-daughter duo paid $3 to make two soaps, two body salts and two body glitters, averaging out to about 50 cents a product. They thought this was the deal of the century.

Here are some pics from our Mother Daughter Soapmaking Workshop...