Wednesday, January 7, 2009


While trolling the Internet for storytime ideas, I came across what could possibly be the most interesting book-related venture ever. It's called the Book on Wheels. Now, get that image of a community bookmobile out of your head. Ready? Picture instead, a brightly painted bus stuffed to the gills with books, bike parts and tools. Yep, I said bikes. Operated by a free-spirited duo from Richmond, VA, the "MobookMobikeMobile" now travels all over the country donating books and repairing broken bikes for kids in need.

Isn't this just the greatest pairing? When you think about it, there does seem to be a happy relationship between literature and transportation--both give us freedom and happiness. I couldn't imagine a lazy day of my summer youth without book or bike. Sadly, not all children (especially in lower-income areas) have this luxury.

You can check out their website here:


Kelley said...

This rules, when are we getting one? : )