Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Library Connections from Inaugural Events

As I watched the presidential inauguration on television, I was astonished by the event as I’m sure many of you were. What a day for history, for our nation, for our world! As librarians serving the youth of a new generation, what can we take from this event? I feel that it is our duty as librarians, to use every resource and event to our advantage to help and teach our community. One "theme,” among many, that I believe librarians can really expand on from this event would be poetry.

Elizabeth Alexander read a beautiful poem she wrote for the occasion. Some ideas that spark from this event would be an opportunity to take out some poetry books and set them on display or incorporate a poem into a story time or library event. Another idea would be having a contest or workshop for children to write their own poems. Perhaps even encourage children to think about the inaugural events and President Obama to inspire their poetry. Other ideas include looking at poetry read at other Inaugural events.

Here are a few sites to check out for some ideas:

Poetry for kids

Children's Poetry Archive