Monday, December 8, 2008

An Inspiring Way to Spend my Saturday

So, this past Saturday some librarians and trustees from Allegheny County (and beyond!) spent the day talking about what libraries might look like in the future with two excellent and inspiring speakers. And frankly, some of the ideas shared, were not about the distant-future, some were ideas we need to look at. Like, right now!

Our speakers were Thomas Frey from the DaVinci Institute and Michael Stephens (Tame the Web fame.) Tom presented a picture of the future and how libraries should think about fitting in with the changing times. There are some astounding changes on the way and some are already here! How about these goggles? The most inspiring part of the Tom's presentation for me was when an audience member asked the question: 'what are skills should the 21st century librarian should possess?' And Tom's answer was flexibility and openmindedness!

Michael's presentation (slides available here) focused on how some easy (and free!) tools are changing society and the way we find and use information and how libraries need to be involved. Despite being sick with a bad cold, he was energizing and inspiring!

I got to watch Michael Twitter about Tom's presentation as it was happening - real time sharing of interesting tidbits to people all over the world! It was pretty cool.

People were talking about it! Here is a blog post from the WDUQ blog and here's one from theWashington District Libraries blog.Both speakers made it clear that it all comes down to bringing your heart to work and making and encouraging connection!


suzi w. said...

Thank you for posting on this. What an inspirational way to spend Saturday. Michael Stephens is so inspirational, but down to earth, things you can do tomorrow, not just plan for in five years.

Stephanie Zimmerman said...

I'm so jealous and happy for your area at the same time. Kudos for bringing such excellent speakers into our state and stirring up excitement!