Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kids on Election Day

As I stood in line to vote earlier, a woman walked in with her daughter (around 10?), who waited in line and eagerly asked questions. It reminded me that, even thought my parents staunchly refused to discuss politics with me or tell me who they voted for, my mom regularly took me to the polls with her as a child.

I'm not sure that today's rickety-looking touch-screen computers have the same air of mystery as the old blue cloth-wrapped booths and strange signs about completing arrows, but I still think taking a child to the polls is a great way to expose them to ordinary Americans doing their civic duty.

I don't know if libraries serve as polling places here, but if yours does I'd like to know: did you see any kids there today?


Beth@ACLA said...

My daughter voted for the first time yesterday and she reminded me about bringing her since she could remember to the polling place at our library. She too misses the old voting booths with their cloth curtains.

anita said...

This was the first time I've voted in person since the very first time I ever voted...when i closed the curtain and completed the arrows. Such a different experience!