Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Fun Stuff to Check Out

Again, scanning the blogosphere and web for some good words on what's happening in children's literature and resources:
  • Recently, the new Tween Task Force met (actually, this morning!) and we talked a bit about boys and books - often a hard thing to match up a tween boy (9-12) and a book he'll love. So this article in the Washington Post, Turning Boys on to Reading was rather timely. (via Big A Little a Blog)
  • Heard of the Cybils? They're a great award of children's and young adult literary awards where the public votes and the online blogger/reviewers read and award prizes. It's a nice alternative to the larger awards like the Newbery and the Caldecott, among others. Head over and nominate a book!
  • And speaking of the Newbery, there's been some talk recently about the Newbery's decline in popularity. Anita Silvey at SLJ has some interesting things to say about all of that.
  • Also, on a local level, Black, White and Read All Over begins this weekend with Linda Sue Park (she's fantastic, I saw her speak a few years ago!) and they have a great lineup this year include Jan Brett, Mark Teague, Steve Kellog and others! If anyone would like to go and make it a mini-group event, let me know!
  • Many children in 4th 5th 6th+ grades are asked to do school work involving current events. Susan Thompson over at Chicken Spaghetti has been collecting some trustworthy sites for this kind of research specifically for kids. Bravo! Great links to include on your library's kids' page!