Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jim Arnosky and Publishing Online

Patte Kelley from CLP-Main shares this:

Jim Arnosky has a new feature on his website: drawing lessons.

This could be useful considering next year’s summer reading theme, but there is a catch: each 10 minute lesson costs $3.99 (pay on-line).

When Jim was in Pittsburgh in November 2006 I asked why his publisher didn’t reissue his drawing books for children, which I consider among the best. The answer was that he had changed publishers and the previous publisher held the copyright.

More artists and writers are putting their creative works on-line and dealing directly with the public, bypassing the publisher. The quality of self-published works is often less than professional. In this case we are familiar with the quality of the artist/writer. There is still free content on Jim’s website including activity and coloring sheets.

Anyway, the pay-for-view resource is there for anyone who may be interested and willing to pay.