Monday, October 6, 2008

Gaming and the Future of Reading?

Here's an interesting article from today's NYTimes, about gaming and reading, with an emphasis on gaming in libraries!

I'm not sure I agree that video games could ever have the same level of emotional and intellectual complexity as books, but I do think they can be useful tools to get kids (especially older ones - tweens and teens) into reading.

Perhaps the issue is that kids learn to enjoy video games at an earlier age than they learn to enjoy books? Thoughts?


Kelley said...

I think it's interesting to consider why we can only justify video games if they are a stepping stone to reading. What if they're just valuable and fun in and of themselves?

anita said...

i'm sure i'm biased because my parents never let me have video games as a kid, and as a result i've never really gotten into them as much as lots of other people my age & younger...

i do think some of them are great just for fun...i've enjoyed lots of wii games and dance dance revolution as just a fun way to pass time. i guess the issue of justifying gaming comes in when parents think kids are doing it in place of reading. how accurate this is, i don't know!