Sunday, October 19, 2008

Frankenstein Takes the Cake - ALA Notable Book

If you've ever met me, you've probably figured out that I'm not one to get too excited about picture books. However, when I was looking through the stack of ALA Notable Books in the office, I picked this one up and was almost immediately laughing out loud. I think the title is what got my attention, I've always had a soft spot for long-winded, silly titles. Frankenstein Takes the Cake: Which is Full of Funny Stuff Like Rotting Heads and Giant Gorillas and Zombies Dressed as Little Girls and Edgar Allen Poe. The Book, We Mean, Not the Cake by Adam Rex is a collection of mini stories, comics, poems, and blogs (yes, blogs!) featuring a variety of monsters. Perfect for Halloween!

The stories jump all over the place and are loosely based around the preparations for Frankenstein's upcoming wedding. I read it straight through, but it could also be read in smaller chunks for short attention spans, or as a build-up to the holiday.

My two favorite things: An "Edgar Allen Poe-m," in which he is doing a crossword instead of working on his poetry (hmm, familiar), and "E.T.-Mail," a poem about spam from outer space (with some subtle adult humor).

Here's another (longer) review over at School Library Journal.