Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Enough Time

This past week on Thursday and Friday, I did a presentation on Library 2.0 tools as they specifically apply to youth services. This was based on a presentation I had given a year ago around the state with Ing (the then PaLA Chair of Youth Services.) It's one of my favorite talks to give (as if I have a real assortment of talks!) as the changing role of the library in communities is what I'm really passionate about, and often, that role involves utilizing some new tools. But more than the tools themselves, that role is about librarians adopting new strategies, new attitudes, new definitions and creating room in their professional lives for something 'new!'

And while I love this talk, it isn't always easy to present. So often the resistance to change settles on the statement that 'my staff and I don't have enough time' for this stuff. It's a hard argument to win when it really comes from a basic premise of what I like to call 'the pack-rat-attitude' or PRA. They might be right, that there isn't enough time to read a few blogs, make some comments, post on Twitter, but I believe there are services and tasks librarians are involved in that are outdated and inefficient. And if they begin to look at ways to streamline the PR efforts, that might create the time to engage in a few of these 'tools' (or toys!) It's worth looking into. Any thoughts on taking on the use of new tools in light of our busy-ness?