Monday, August 11, 2008

Oprah Recommends Books for Kids

Oprah now has book lists for kids! The list was compiled by the ALSC Quicklists Consulting Committee so it's librarian-approved! We know how much power Oprah has so I'm interested to see how this affects children's reading habits. I know her book club has changed the reading habits of women all over (and some men, I'm sure!) The link takes you to her lists and there's also a great handful of tips for parents. We know lots of people love and respect Oprah so this is good news for librarians and teachers!


adaena said...

Oprah looks like she's saying, "I went to Primanti's over the weekend and I got a sandwich with fries and coleslaw on it...that sucker was THIS big!"

Kelley said...

I Know - that was a funny pic and I had to post it! NO idea its context but I think you're pretty close!! HA!