Monday, August 25, 2008

A Library That Understands Children

So, when I visit libraries (here and elsewhere) I'm always interested in how the children's departments have evolved (or in some cases, devolved) to the changing needs of children and families. Libraries are no longer simply book repositories (as we all know) and they're far more interactive. As libraries begin embracing their community-center-role more and more, their physical spaces are changing to meet those needs. Here's a library in Kentucky, Boone County Public Library, that seems to hit the nail on the head in terms of changing roles, even their website is full of faces! Here is a set of Flickr pictures from a librarian's recent visit to the Boone County Library. Check out all the cool interactive stuff the children's department houses. Can you imagine how families must love to bring the kids in? The teens are even eating a whole meal at a 'booth' in the library. Talk about meeting the needs of patrons! From their hip and cool display cases to their family activity center to their super fun wall art design, the place rocks and this is the non-technology side of Library 2.0 services!