Thursday, July 10, 2008

One More Book and The Joy of Being Read to

Not sure who's reading the blog these days, but I'm enjoying putting thoughts and resources out there in the universe nonetheless! I know everyone's busy busy with SRC and up to their knees in bugs! (what a disturbing image!) So, today I can't sing the praises loud enough of a recent find (they've actually been around for a while) Just One More Book. It's a great blog that produces quick reviews of children's books (and occasional interviews with children's book authors) in podcast form. They can be heard without any software downloading or opening any new windows/tabs. Just plug in the headphones, turn up the volume and be happily entertained for 5-30 minutes of the funny and spot-on reviews of a husband and wife team from Canada.

Listening to one or two this morning, reminds me how much I love being read to. I know many people listen to audio books during travels - whether to vacation or to work each day. I tend to like shorter, smaller bites of audio and so I download podcasts onto my ipod and listen to those each morning/evening and errand-run. It's funny that we don't generally read to each other as adults. Recently, my fiance and I read 2 of the Spiderwick Chronicles to eachother (sadly, our bedtime schedules started changing and it was no longer possible.) But I enjoyed the reading so much. I remember in college reading a good portion of the novella The Langoliers by Stephen King aloud to a roomate. It had been such a tasty book that I had to share it with her and I had to be the vehicle to do it! Don't think I'd have the energy now to read a hundred or more pages out loud in one evening. But, I love the podcasts. They are mostly NPR radio shows that I miss (being at work each day during the great noontime show Day to Day is crushing.) Does anyone read aloud to another adult?


Mark said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words about Just One More Book, Kelley.

I had never considered the possibility of couples reading to each other until Sheree Fitch suggested it as a cure for many relationship problems (and possibly a catalyst for making the world a better place) during an interview we did with her for Just One More Book. Of course, she suggested children's picture books.

Since then, I love hearing of couples reading to each other.

Don't forget to share your favourite book titles with us for our podcast. We love sharing book recommendations from our listeners on our podcast.

suzi w. said...

A couple I know have read the entire Harry Potter oevre to each other. They read other books too.

If there's someone around, I read tidbits from what I'm reading, be it a book, a newspaper, or a website.

Cheryl said...

Perhaps this is too late to be commenting, but my boyfriend and I have enjoyed reading Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged out loud to each other.I thought we were unique to be adults reading aloud to each other, but I'm glad that others do it too! It's a great way to relax during the evening together, and gives us a chance to talk.