Tuesday, June 10, 2008

While You're All Toiling Away

Summer at ACLA is my slow-time. Since planning and organizing the county-wide summer reading club is a huge portion of my job, once that's ready to go, I get some time to catch up on other projects. And frankly, once one SRC is underway, I begin thinking about the next one - so while you're all knee-deep in bugs, I'm happily creating wishlists, gathering webites, programming ideas and local performers for the 'arts' theme in 2009.

Other projects I'll be working on this summer
  • learning drupal (a cool free content management system to hopefully someday use instead of our blog and wiki because with drupal it can all be in one simple place!)
  • creating projects and work timelines for this fall's interns
  • attending a cool adult and children's book conference at Keystone College
  • working on a presentation I'm giving on Library 2.0 in September to the Northwest Chapter of PaLA
  • Organizing masses of online and paper files that got neglected during the spring rush
  • visiting libraries, as usual, and catching a glimpse of some the cool summer programs you've all created
  • planning our August SRC wrapup meeting
  • looking at ways to increase our SRC budget (more $$!)
So, while I use the word 'slow' to describe my summer, it always ends up being anything but! However it is my chance to get organized and catch up. Since the SRC 2009 Planning Committee begins meeting in September, I need all my ducks in a row so that the new group gets acclimated and moving quickly! I already have great ideas on how to make next year's training even better and with the 'arts' as the theme, the possibilities are endless!

Drop me a note and let me know how your SRC is coming along!