Friday, June 13, 2008


So, after attending Michael Sullivan's Boys and Books workshop 2 weeks ago and then just now reading a great new article on Boys in the Library in the Spring 2008 issue of Children and Libraries, my longing to plan and be involved in programming just increased. Planning and implementing creative programming beyond storytime and the hand turkey takes time and energy, and as a teen librarian, I found myself doing research and planning at home (we all do, don't we?) but it kept my heart alive for my job and I thrived on always coming up with something different (apparently, so do kids and teens!) To save you some time (and allow my interns and I to live vicariously through you!) we've recently expanded the programming page on the youth services wiki, especially the programming around tweens. If anyone's doing or done a great program, feel free to share! Email me and we'll get your idea up on the wiki! And we'll be expanding programming for boys on the wiki this fall!


adaena said...

If you are really interested in helping out with programming, might I suggest you contact the Green Tree Public Library? I hear they could always use some good ideas :-)

Hand turkey...that's so funny. We're starting a revolution.