Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wii Tournament at Bethel Park Public Library

It is a Friday night in the quiet hamlet of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. The public library is closed. On any other Friday evening, the parking lot would be quiet, dark, deserted, however on this particular Friday night formidable figures emerge from vans and cars in the library lot. Their attire is unique, in their hands, some clutch large bags. The excitement is palpable. More than one hundred and fifty grandparents, parents and children have come to the library. They have come hungry for victory. Wii are Team Cook, Lincoln's King Pin, King Pin's Pap-pap say their lettered clothing. They are ready dressed and ready to face off at the first ever Lincoln Elementary-Bethel Park Library Wii Bit of Fun Bowling Tournament.

The rules are simple. Any student at the Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Bethel Park was able to compete, provided they chose a teammate over the age of 50- grandparent, or other special, "Big Kid" friend. While some teams knew they wouldn't take home any prizes for actual Wii bowling, they came dressed for style-success, hoping to grab the team spirit prize for costume.

Three Wiis on projection screens were placed throughout the Library and teachers from Lincoln and staff from the public library were on hand to sign in and cheer on teams and award trophies to every team at the conclusion of the event. Each couple received a a regulation bowling pin, painted and lettered with the name of the competition and the date of the event. (written by Ing Kalchthaler, Head of Children's, Bethel Park) There's a great article in the PG about this event too!