Monday, March 31, 2008

March Madness Men's Night

Kelley asked if I would be willing to share ideas on a recent program I had this past Friday evening -- March Madness Men's Night. Let me just start by saying we had a blast! When planning programs for winter/spring, we wanted to do a fun program just for men and children and thought...what a better draw for men that March Madness! So the program was planned all around basketball.

We started off the night with two teams facing off with "Basketball Jeopardy." My 16 yr-old son did an awesome job finding cool and interesting questions for both NBA and NCAA basketball...some questions the kids knew and some they had to confer with an adult on. Each winning team member earned 2 "betting" chips while the runner ups each got 1 chip (the chips continued throughout the night for every game/challenge). They were really into Jeopardy and very competitive!!

We then had kids vs men parachute challenges...the kids ruled that one!

Next they went on to basketball volleyball. I found a large blow-up basketball at Party City, and they could have played that all night! The adults say they won but the kids disagreed(!) then on to another team challenge...a library scavenger hunt where each team member had to find one piece of sports candy that was hidden in the library...first team back to the program room was the winner!

We then took a break because...what is basketball without snacks! While enjoying basketball-game food like popcorn, pretzles and cheese curls, they worked together to make a basketball craft. Since there were different aged children, we kept it simple and made a basketball from a simple cardstock basketball that they covered with crumpled black and orange crepe paper cut into 2-in squares.

To "cash in" their chips at the end of the evening, we played the "Wheel of Teams" game where they placed a chip onto one NCAA "Sweet 16" team's logo and spun the team wheel...if it landed on their team they won a basketball cup filled with goodies (everyone was a winner!!).
It was a really fun program to plan and the guys were so laid back and had a blast with their kids/grandkids. The only drawback to the program for me was that a lot that signed up did not show up because Brentwood High School had a musical that night and the one elementary school had family bingo which was announced after our flyer came out was well worth the planning for those who did attend!
Dolores Colarosa
Brentwood Library


adaena said...

What a great idea Dolores! Your library always does an awesome job of incorporating sports into programming...and you know Pittsburgh likes their sports!