Friday, January 25, 2008

Reviews to Review

Take a moment (maybe while you scarf down lunch?) to read a few striking, thought-provoking reviews on some new(ish) children's books:
  • We talk a lot about 'visual literacy' these days, here's a review from the St. Louis Post of some books at with a more 'graphic' feel to them.
  • Something from our own neck of the woods, The Pittsburgh Tribune reviews a few good children's books.
  • The case for reading pleasure and 100 books every child should read.
  • And though not a review, a list of some of the best science books for children. Could come in handy with SRC and even next year's theme on 'water.'
  • Beginning with Books and their super yearly list of Best Books for Babies makes national news at
  • Hurry (this one won't last long!) to for The History of Children's Books by C.M. Hewins.