Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great idea from the Children's Museum

Every month, ACLA goes to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh with books, booklists and a craft for little ones. This, in the hopes of making more parents aware of the beauty that is their local library. I've already gotten to work with Barbara Berret from Bethel, Heather Anderson from Castle Shannon, Joanna Heywood from Pleasant Hills (and she IS pleasant!) and Erin Tipping from AC Free. Not only is it a great opportunity to share ideas and books with parents (we've done thematic lists on fairy tales and folklore; visual literacy, books to help little ones go to sleep and this month of course, a plethora of holiday books) but it's been great getting to know some hard-working, energetic and creative librarians (and go out to lunch together afterwards!) Another benefit, is hanging out at the Children's Museum where KIDS is their bidness! They have some great ideas for how to engage kids and get them thinking - something we love! Here's an idea you could all copy and use at your libraries. I posted it on the wiki for your enjoyment and inspiration! Frankly, I think it rocks!