Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Google Maps: Street View

Many of you probably already know that Google Maps has a satellite function that makes it easy to view the topography of the Earth and its continents. This is a great tool for teaching kids about the Earth or geography! Google has added a new function to its maps, Street View. Pittsburgh is one of the new cities that is available with this function. If you watch the video Google has made about Street View you'll see a lot of Pittsburgh scenery in it! Street View lets you view a street in our city as if you were actually standing on it.

When I select my street in Bloomfield my computer screen shows what I would see if I were to go outside and stand in the middle of the road. I can even see the car I got rid of a month ago and the flower pots on my front stoop!

A little freaky, yes, but really neat and perhaps a great tool for library programming! Want to show kids what places in books look like? Or give them a better sense of what it would be like to be there? Google Maps might make it possible!